JumpStart Advisory Group

1. What is the JumpStart Network?

The JumpStart Network is a community of highly talented and involved individuals (students, employers, professionals, etc) committed to developing themselves and others. As a member of The Network individuals gain access to unique and exclusive resources and opportunities designed to develop them both personally and professionally. Best of all there is no cost to joining the Network.

2. How is JumpStart’s contained search process different from a contingent search process?

Our process gives our clients the same attention and focus of a retained search without the huge up front investment, and with a significantly greater emphasis on the quality and depth of the candidate. JumpStart limits the number of contained searches we do at any one time in order to provide clients with the attention required to locate candidates of the highest caliber.

3. What type of position is best suited for a contained search?

Contained search focuses on highly skilled candidates who are capable of day-to-day operations who also play a main role in talent optimization. Through the JumpStart Network employers have access to a unique talent pool of women and minority candidates.

4. What are the JumpStart Diversity Forums?

They are the premier forums for incoming MBAs and undergraduates interested in pursuing a career in consulting, financial services, and brand management or marketing. The Forums vary in company representation and agenda. They take place over the summer months and provide a well-balanced mix of educational and networking opportunities with industry professionals and recruiters from several top-tier companies.

5. When/Where are the next Diversity Forums?

Diversity Forums are held in the summer. Host cities may rotate. Please see information about each individual Forum for more details.

6. What companies participate in the Diversity Forums?

We are pleased to have established an ongoing working relationship with many leading financial services, management consulting, consumer product goods, healthcare, and retail companies since launching the Forums in 2004. Our list of corporate partners continues to grow annually. A complete list of sponsors and their websites is available by clicking the Corporate Sponsors link.

7. Who is eligible to attend the Diversity Forum?

Diversity for JumpStart is defined as individuals who are under-represented in business including women, Black, African-American or of African descent, Hispanic, Latin-American or of Latin descent, Native American or American Indian, Asian and Pacific Islander. To be eligible for any of the Diversity Forums, students must be currently enrolled or admitted to an academic institution.

8. I have been admitted to (and will be attending) a non-core academic institution as defined by the list of JumpStart Advisory Group relationships. Can I still attend the Forum?

Although we have established effective working relationships with top-tier MBA programs and undergraduate institutions, we recognize that candidates from a broader talent pool could fit well into our Forum model. If your candidacy is aligned with our eligibility guidelines (see above), we encourage you to apply.

9. What should I do if I am not selected?

Due to the competitive nature of the application process, we have to turn away some very highly qualified students. However, there are definitely future opportunities for you with the JumpStart Advisory Group. Please complete your profile to be included on future communications.

The JumpStart Network is a community of highly talented and involved individuals committed to developing themselves and other MBAs